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This book is dedicated to my father, Rush Cumming. When he passed away he left behind much unsettled. My Husband Brian, Brother Ryan and I knew there was only one way to honor his life, mourn his death and celebrate the purest form of his being which was his art. This book is an illustrated rendition of song he used to sing to Ryan and I as kids and has been an appropriate metaphor in the time of his loss. I’ve experienced a lot recovering from the loss of my father through the creation of this book but in the end I realized through it all, there was my husband Brian who spent countless patient hours helping me design, dance in the kitchen and hand illustrate each line. And my brother Ryan with overwhelming excitement and support, motivating and encouraging us all to see it through. In my father's death was a gift. And that gift was the stronger relationships that were even further bonded together in the creation of this book, his song, The Moon and Me.